Audion Therapeutics and REGAIN Consortium Announce Positive Phase I Results in Patients with Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Audion Therapeutics has been a true pioneer in the field of regenerative small molecule medicines for acquired sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), a large and growing unmet medical need.

Today we have announced the publication of the breakthrough clinical data that started with the groundbreaking scientific work by our co-founder Professor Albert Edge.

Supported by the European Union and our investors Eli Lilly and Inkef Capital, the REGAIN clinical phase I/IIa study with LY3056480 a Gamma Secretase inhibitor has now been published in Nature Communications . See attached pdf, the supplementary data are significant and require reading as well.

Repeated intratympanic administration of LY3056480 is well tolerated and safe and in subgroups of patients a long term positive effect on multiple hearing tests is seen.

Pioneering means persevering and that is what we did as Audion Therapeutics together with the excellent Regain consortium members, Eli Lilly’s Chorus, University of Tübingen and Athens, UCL London, Nordic Bioscience and the pioneering Cilcare as preclinical CRO among others. The data presented in the main paper and the extensive supplementary data provide the foundation for further development of LY3056480 and we are all very proud to have achieved this. Pioneering in this case also has meant that we had to learn as we moved forward. These learnings on how to study regenerative drugs for SNHL in patients will feed into the next studies with this promising approach.

Interested pharma partners or investors can contact us at [email protected].